Friday, December 21, 2018

An odd way to observe the rules of tzniut/modesty (in my opinion)

This is something that I've rarely seen in the Orthodox community, but I've seen it occasionally, and it startles me every time:  a woman wearing a top that covers her elbows but exposes a hint of cleavage.  In what world are a woman's elbows sexier and more enticing to straight men or gay women than a hint of breasts?

(For an example, see the movie "The Women's Balcony," which I recommend--I'll put the spoiler in the first comment.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A little palate--and palace--intrigue

I thought I'd given up sugar for good (or at least, cut way back).

Famous last words.

Over two decades ago, when I was still singing in my former synagogue's choir, one of my sister singers, a dietitian, explained that there's a reason why many children prefer milk chocolate, while many adults prefer dark chocolate--our taste buds change as we get older.  That seems to me what's happening to me.  It appears that I do still like sugar, but not in such high concentrations.  So I'm now trying to figure out which gluten-free cookies (and other sweetened foods) are not too sweet for me.  This is especially crucial because popcorn seems to aggravate my arthritis.  I would say that my health challenges keep me on my toes, but if I keep eating popcorn, I won't even be able to get on my toes.  :)

And speaking of famous last words, remember the retirement that I was talking about?  Well, there may not be much more rest for the weary in the near future than there was in the recent past--I've been asked to consider staying with my current employer as a part-timer specializing in the long documents for which I've developed something of a reputation in over a decade of working on them.  For those keeping score at home, you may be amused to know that I took one look at the ridiculously-long list of names and titles at the end of my most recent document, reformatted that list into two columns instead of one, and thereby shortened that document by a whopping 10 1/2 pages.  That's what they pay me for, and, apparently, that's what they may decide to continue to pay me for  (not to mention that I found a major omission in that document and saved my organization from public embarrassment). Stay tuned.
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